Welcome to UC's online file storage service, UCFileSpace.

As its name suggests, the primary feature of UCFileSpace is online file storage. Your UCFileSpace account comes with 1 gigabyte (GB) of storage space, and you can access your files from anywhere you need them - on the UC campus network or off.

UCFileSpace offers many more services. You can use your account to publish personal web pages, just by dropping them into your Sites folder. And you can access a powerful command line shell for Unix scripting and programming.

UCFileSpace also provides blogs and wikis for students, faculty and staff.

Groups can also request a site that is managed using a content management platform, drupal. The Drupal Team will assist in setting up and managing a drupal website. You just need to add the content. Or, if you prefer, groups may request space to share files and create their own website.

You can use the UCFileSpace Tools to manage your filespace.

Be sure to read the UCFileSpace Usage Policy.

Read the UCFileSpace News blog for regular updates regarding UCFileSpace.