Unix Access on UCFileSpace

The UCFileSpace system includes a Unix shell environment. Using SSH (secure shell), you can connect to your UCFileSpace and use standard Unix commands to access your personal files. You can also write Unix programs or scripts.

To access the Unix shell on UCFileSpace, use an SSH terminal program to connect to ucfilespace.uc.edu. The SSH program will prompt for your UC Central Login Service (CLS) username and password, then open a connection to your UCFileSpace. After displaying some system messages, you should receive a command line prompt for the Bash shell. The default shell prompt will look like this:

ucfilespace:~ username$

where username is your CLS username

You can now enter Unix commands at the shell prompt. When you're finished, be sure to type "logout" at the shell prompt to disconnect.

Click one of the links below for instructions on opening a shell connection to your UCFileSpace using SSH.