Please Note: The University of Cincinnati now has an enterprise agreement with to provide online file storage, file sharing, and collaboration for all UC faculty, staff, and students. UCFileSpace is still available for publishing personal and group web sites, blogs, and wikis, and for accessing the Unix shell. For file storage, file sharing, and collaboration purposes, the preferred service is now Box@UC. Visit [the Box@UC web site] for complete information, or to activate your Box@UC account.

You can easily share files with other UCFileSpace users using MyShare. Shared files are available as downloads and are readable by all UCFileSpace users. Before accessing a MyShare, you must enter your Central Login Service (CLS) username and password.

MyShare is not meant to be a space to collaborate on a document. Instead, see the wiki and group sharing options.

Enable Your MyShare

  • In Tools, click MyAccount
  • Click the MyShare checkbox on
Share a File
  • In Tools, click MyFiles
  • Click on the file you want to share
  • Click Copy to MyShare in left pane
The file is available at where username is your username and filename is the filename.

Email a Notice

Once you share a file you can send an email to notify other UCFileSpace users that the shared file is available for download.

  • In Tools, click MyFiles
  • Click MyShare
  • Click Open
  • Click the file for which you want to send an email notice
  • Click Email Link To File
  • If you have not yet set your email address, you will get a popup asking you to set it.
    • Click Preferences
    • In the Email section, Enter your UC email address at "Change email address to"
    • Click Apply
    • Select the file and click Email Link To File again
  • Enter the email address to send the notice and click Send Mail
TIP: The email address text box suggests email addresses as you type characters in. Ask your friends to enter their email address in Tools to avoid typing their full email addresses.

Share Finder

If a UCFileSpace user has shared files, you can search for the MyShare using Share Finder. Note you cannot find your own MyShare using ShareFinder.

  • In Tools, click MyFiles
  • Enter 'lastname,firstname' or 'CLS username' in the ShareFinder box
  • A list of names will appear of users who have MyShare enable. Click on the username.
  • The MyShare files for the username selected are displayed.
  • Click on a filename.
  • Click Copy to Documents to copy the file to your Documents folder in your home directory.

Download a Shared File

Via Web Browser

Once someone shares a file, you can acess their MyShare through a web browser. Go to You will need to enter your CLS username and password. The files that the user has shared will be listed. Right click on the file (or control click) and choose Save Link As.

Via Windows Vista

  • Start, Computer
  • Map Network Drive
  • click on the "Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures" link
  • At Welcome, click Next
  • "Choose a custom network location." and click Next
  • Enter and click Next
  • Enter your CLS username and password and click OK
  • Enter a name for this location and click Next
  • Click Finish
  • You can drag the file out of the MyShare to your computer

Via Macintosh

  • In Finder, choose Go then Connect to Server
  • Enter where username is the UCFileSpace username for the share you want to access
  • Enter your CLS username and password
  • You can drag the file out of the MyShare to your computer

Other Ways to Share Files

You can create a group wiki at [UCFileSpace Wiki ] and upload files to it. In the wiki settings, you can specify which UCFileSpace account have access to the wiki.

Departments and student groups can .

Departments can also use [SharePoint] to share and collaborate on documents.