How to Access Online Storage Space

Please Note: The University of Cincinnati now has an enterprise agreement with to provide online file storage, file sharing, and collaboration for all UC faculty, staff, and students. UCFileSpace is still available for publishing personal and group web sites, blogs, and wikis, and for accessing the Unix shell. For file storage, file sharing, and collaboration purposes, the preferred service is now Box@UC. Visit [the Box@UC web site] for complete information, or to activate your Box@UC account.

You can access your UCFileSpace in a couple of ways.

On Campus "On campus" access requires that your computer be connected to the UC network with a wired or wireless connection. If your computer is on the UC campus network, you can mount your UCFileSpace directly.

Off Campus "Off campus" access does not allow mounting your UCFileSpace directly on the desktop. Instead, you'll need to use an SSH program that supports file transfers via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol).

Notes SSH/SFTP progams can also be used on the campus network.

You can simulate an “on campus” connection from "off campus" by first logging into the SSL VPN. See [SSL VPN FAQ].