Please Note: The University of Cincinnati now has an enterprise agreement with to provide online file storage, file sharing, and collaboration for all UC faculty, staff, and students. UCFileSpace is still available for publishing personal and group web sites, blogs, and wikis, and for accessing the Unix shell. For file storage, file sharing, and collaboration purposes, the preferred service is now Box@UC. Visit [the Box@UC web site] for complete information, or to activate your Box@UC account.

As its name suggests, the primary feature of UCFileSpace is online file storage. Your UCFileSpace account comes with 1 gigabyte (GB) of storage space, and you can access your files from anywhere you need them - on the UC campus network or off.

UCFileSpace offers many more services. You can use your account to publish personal web pages, just by dropping them into your Sites folder, and you can access a powerful command line shell for Unix scripting and programming.

You can also access your UCFileSpace through your web browser. Just login to your account through this web site. You'll have complete access to all of your files, and you can view information about your disk usage, web page statistics, and account settings.

Take a look at the topics below and on the left to see what you can do with your UCFileSpace.