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Data Center Will Be Temporarily Down Dec. 28-29 for Power Upgrade
UC’s Data Center will be down for two days to receive a much-needed boost to its backup power supplies. Several major systems will be affected by this temporary outage. For more information, please visit [this new article].
SSH/SFTP Connections
When first connecting to UCFIleSpace using SSH/SFTP your client saves the UCFIleSpace host key on your computer. Then when connecting later, it checks to make sure it has not changed. The SSH /SFTP service on UCFileSpace was recently updated. This created a new server RSA host key. SSH/SFTP connections may fail due to the new host key. Some SSH clients will fail, others will prompt you to accept the new host key.

On a Linux or Macintosh computer, you can use the sskh-keygen command to remove the old UCFileSpace host key which is saved on your computer.

ssh-keygen -R

If you are using Putty on Windows, it will prompt you to accept the new host key. Click Yes. The new server host key will be saved.
Server Updates
The UCFileSpace team will be performing upgrades this week. There are some changes that could affect how users connect to UCFileSpace services.

1. We are deprecating the FTP service. Users will have to use SFTP. Please direct any concerns to . For information on SFTP, see

Transferring Files Using WinSCP for Windows

Transferring Files Using Fetch for Macintosh

2. After the upgrade, a very small subset of users might experience an empty directory when mounting their share using SMB. This is due to bad symlinks (shortcuts that point to non-existent directorys/files) in their directory. Experienced users can probably fix this themselves by shelling in and fixing the symlinks. Others should email and we'll fix it.

3. Users connecting to group shares from Macintosh computers with AFP may have trouble connecting if there was a space in the group share name. All group share names now use underscores instead of spaces ("UC_My_Department" instead of "UC My Department").

FTP Disabled
FTP service on UCFileSpace will be disabled at the end of April. FTP is an insecure protocol, as passwords and data are sent in clear text and thus susceptible to attack from a network sniffer. Users are encouraged to use SFTP instead. With SFTP, the entire connection, including transmission of password, is encrypted.

Please email if you have any questions or concerns.
Blogs and Wikis
Did you know that every UC faculty, staff or student can easily setup a blog and wiki?

Each user may create a personal blog. Your blog can contain text, pictures and podcasts to create an online journal.

You can also create a wiki to facilitate collaboration with a group of users. Each member of your group can access and edit the wiki. You can share files and comment on wiki pages.

Both the blog and wiki have an editor interface to allow easy creation of content.

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